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Patient Rights

Your Rights As a Patient;

  1. Right to get healthcare services,
  2. Right to be informed and request information
  3. Right to Select and Deselect Healthcare Facility and Personnel
  4. Privacy/Confidentiality,
  5. Consent,
  6. Right to get healthcare services in a safe place,
  7. Right to fulfill religious duties,
  8. Right to be Respected and Comfort,
  9. Right to have Visitor and Companion,
  10. Right to File a Complaint and Suit

Your Responsibilities As a Patient;

  1. Following rules and procedures of the healthcare organization and being aware of the fact that patient is a part of diagnosis and treatment team based on a participatory approach,
  2. Giving accurate and complete information about complaints, past illnesses, active treatments, medical interventions, medications, if any, and other details relating to the health.
  3. Presenting for follow-up visit at dates to be determined by the primary physician and providing feedback about outcomes of the treatment,
  4. Visiting the clinic at pre-scheduled date and time and notifying any change to the clinic,
  5. Respecting rights of patients with privileges pursuant to relevant legislation, other patients and personnel,
  6. Strictly avoiding from offensive (verbal and physical) behaviors,
  7. Contacting the patient communication unit for violation of rights or any problem.
Medical Departments

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