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Spinal Decompression System

ICS2.0 device is a non-surgical treatment modality with success rate up to 93% that is used in patients with herniated cervical and lumbar disc, who are recommended surgery or are undergone surgery without any postoperative recovery.

The scientific studies that support the decompression system date back to space programs. The space studies conducted by the NASA demonstrated that since the pressure on the spinal column of astronauts decreases in the low-gravity conditions and intervertebral disc spaces enlarge, low back pain alleviates. Development of the ICS2.0 is based on this experience to help treatment of many patients with pain secondary to herniated cervical and/or lumbar disc without any requirement to surgery.

ICSIC 2.0 is a true spinal decompression device that has CE quality certificates and it is approved by the F.D.A. for treatment of herniated cervical disc and degenerative disc disease. It is used 12 countries, especially including the U.S.

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